Address autocomplete in registration, alternative with common address presets for slow internet environments

Sometimes address autocomplete in the field is very slow when internet is poor, and the user is not sure if the program is still running.

Is it possible to set up in addition, common preset address options for such an environment, e.g. as buttons above/below the address section?

Thanks @ouiliam for reporting this!

@darius @angshuonline @mseaton @mogoodrich and @arjun, we will definitely want to bring this up next Wednesday over the PAT call.

looking at this thread makes me think we could also pre-fill higher level address entries based on clinic’s location:

Hi @ouiliam,

This has two implications:

  1. Some configuration needs to exist to say down to which level each patient address must be pre-filled.
  2. (I think) this means that, for ODC at least, we would have to invert from bottom-up to top-down the display of address fields.