ADDR-62 Use Daemon to authenticate task instead of scheduler.username and scheduler.password

I have created a pull request for the above issue. This is my first PR, and I’m new to java. Hence I’ll need al lthe help I can get.

Regards, Dulvin

Thanks @dulvinw for the contribution and welcome to the OpenMRS Community! :slight_smile:

I have put for you some comments on github.

Hi Daniel,

I went through your inputs. and Recreated a PR. Link is

Let me know if something else needs to improve.

Regards, Dulvin

@dulvinw you can also go through

1 Like Please check this. I hope I have covered all in the guidelines

@dulvinw i added some comment on your github …


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Hi @gcliff I replied to your comments.


Can someone please take a look at the PR?

Regards, Dulvin