Addons - Show the version of OMOD and OpenMRS versions supported in List

@reubenv @darius Thank you for the great work on the Addons Index - taking a look at it after a long while.

I have a feature request to show the omod version and openmrs version on the row for an omod

As well as the ability to filter by OpenMRS platform version which will help users find module versions that are compatible with the platform version

Thoughts and comments are welcome

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@ssmusoke I’m glad that you like it!

Coming to the feature requests, I feel both are great suggestions. Thanks for that:

Do you mean that we must show the latest module release’s version and compatible platform version? If yes, then that’s surely possible. We can move further with this once @darius is back from his vacation.

This feature already exists and can be used by setting the platform version of the user from the dropdown located at the top-right corner of the screen as shown in the scrrenshot below.

On selecting the version, all the module pages will be updated such that there will be a blue button on the module page which when clicked will result in the compatible version being downloaded as shown in the screenshot below.

Should you have any other suggestions/feedback, do let us know!

@reubenv Yes you can get the information a click down this is helpful when looking at only one module, however when looking at multiple modules - the workflow becomes manual.

The request is for the details on the list of modules, to help filter, slice and dice the list of modules

To check you are suggesting to show the module’s latest released version number, and the openmrs-core requirement of this version?

Could you please describe this as a more full user story, i.e. what exactly are you envisioning that the user will do? I can’t really imagine trying to understand one of the typical required OpenMRS version strings from the list view.

  1. I hope that my scribbled notes below make sense, the driver is to provide as much information for a person looking for a module without having to click back and forth

  1. Is it possible for the home page to show the latest Reference Application modules on the home page - as a starting point. Not sure what the logic for the current listing is

  2. For the module details page (image below too):

  • Add a link to the GitHub repository (so that one does not have to go to the wiki then repo)
  • Show required modules and versions
  • Add pagination
  • Not sure what the OpenMRS Platform version filter does

Thanks for your detailed list of suggestions and their use-cases. I will like to address a few of the points that you have mentioned.

According to me, this certainly would be a useful feature but the current API(example) does not support it. Hence, it would be a bit tedious to add this feature but nonetheless if it’s really very useful like say Download counts was, then it will be worth going the extra mile.

I am not sure whether I understood this point correctly but the “Other requirements column” does specify the modules and the version numbers itself.

Yes, I think that’s a bit unclear. We will add a small tool-tip or something of that sort in the next few days. Basically on selecting the OpenMRS platform version of the user, the blue download button in the screenshot automatically points to the compatible version of the particular module being viewed. For example, by default , the button points to the latest version of the module(here it’s 4.5).

In this screenshot, there is no OpenMRS platform version selected so the button points to the latest available version of the module.

Here, I have 1.6.6 as my OpenMRS platform version. Hence, the blue button now automatically points to the latest version of that module which is compatible with the user’s platform version(in this case, it’s 3.2). Hope that makes it clear :slight_smile: