Addon manager structure redesign

Hi everyone, As discussed in this post Get Addons End point - #8 by suthagar23 We propose to restructure the Addon manager by moving the Addon details to a new page from the search result addon listing. This is to improve the loading speed by reducing the number of API calls before the page renders.

This would mean that the developer info as well as the download button will move the Addon details page.

  1. The new view for the currently installed apps is:

  2. The new view for search results view is:

  3. The Addon details page view is:

Please share your thoughts on the redesign, looking forward to your input, thanks. cc: @dkayiwa, @afrocode

How would it look like if the selected is a module instead of an OWA?

@dkayiwa, the view will remain the same but will be populated with the relevant data (Name, description, type, version, maintainers)

Can you include more screenshots for that?

View with OMODs:

  1. The new search listing

  1. The Addon details

How would it look like for a module which is already installed?

Proposed installed Modules(OMODs) view:


I’ve realized the heading at the top still reads Select an OWA to upload this will be changed to Select an Add-on to upload

I mean the details screen for a module.

@dkayiwa, The details screen is only an option for searched modules/web apps. They are the only ones that will have the view button. The listing for installed modules/owas has a delete button

@mkiterian how do you plan to do starting, stopping and upgrading of modules as done here?

We can add a manage addons page/component where we can list the modules and have start/stop buttons for them. The screenshots I’ve provided are to restructure the existing implementation. Once we get to the point of adding the manage modules page we’ll create a template for this page and put it up for review