Adding web cam feature to capture an image when registering a new patient

Hi @darius and @cioan ,

I finished the front end of the Ticket adding the feature to take a photo from the webapp when a patient is registered.Currently I am developing the backend for the new feature. I have attached a screenshot showing the usecase of the new feature.

Please be kind enough to give your feedbacks in order to finish of the task.

Thank you,

cc: @wyclif @dkayiwa @michael @surangak


@akshika47, this looks nice!

In general I think I would expect this to be a different section, e.g. we’d have Demographics, Contact Info, Photo.

How fast does this widget load? Does it delay the page load at all? Does it require you to confirm something (e.g. browser wants to use your webcam)?

I would expect to see just a single image, which is moving, with a Take Photo button. Once you take the picture, you only see a still image, with a button for “Re-take” that discards the snapshot and goes back to the initial state.

Can you share the branch it github where you’re doing this work? (No need for a PR yet, but it would be good to peek at the code.)

How do you envision storing this on the server side? (@cioan, @mseaton, have we thought about whether our ideal is to store this in the DB, or on disk?)

I would envision storing this as a complex obs, and deciding whether to store it on disk or in the filesystem to be as simple as changing the Handler associated with the Concept. Does this influence the design?


Good idea, that is the right approach. (And given that, no the choice of disk vs filesystem should not influence the design.)

Hi @darius

I will move the Photo to a different section taking it off from the Demographics.

Eventhough I did not measure the time,In my opinion widget loads fast enough ,Time taken to load seems to be under 50 milliseconds(which is in the noticable time delay for humans).

Yes. It requires permission from the user, he will have to respond to the pop up menu to start the web cam(I thought we will have to keep it in this manner since activating the webcame without the users permission would cause a security issue).

I will remove having two place holders for the image taken and the current view then replace both with one place holder which would act as the webcam source at one time and as the “taken-photo” at the other time.

This is the link to the branch that I am working on Ticket-webCamImage .I used an existing library to take the image from the webcam. webcamjs

@akshika47, is this working? As I am running open-mrs 2.0 and the image is not getting saved.

@himjain241989 : This was only a proposal but it was not implemented

@akshika47, kk

The Clinical Images saves it on disk and can be annotated with NuForm. The code may be useful for this project too!

Is this feature released for OpenMRS 2x?