Adding topics to github

Hi everyone,

I was looking for any solution to ‘group’ repositories in GitHub (neither team or project help on that).

So I started tagging some repositories, with some relevant tags:

Community infrastructure repos: >

Repos to aid CI tooling: >

Repos with OpenMRS ID code: >

Repos with atlas: >

While it’s not perfect, it does help me. I can document that in the wiki if that’s reasonable for others.

That said, I think the following repositories should be archived:

I’d also ask to grant admin to ITSM to the following repos:

And add the ‘openmrs-atlas’ topic to:

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Admin has been granted to ITSM for the requested repositories and ‘openmrs-atlas’ topic added to the atlas repository.

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I’d think this repo is still active


The readme shows it’s using another repo :slight_smile: