Adding the code base to own Git

Hi, I have taken the master code base of bahmni on my system. Now I want to add these to my own GIT. Do I need to add these code base using different modules. When I was extracting, I saw that there are 5 modules added.

What do you mean by this

If you want to take Bahmni to your account and work on it, you need to fork the repo and then you can work on it in your git. You can have a look at How to create a pull request in GitHub | for more info. I hope this helps you out.

Hi @prasadsatyam,

I’d advice you to do is,

  1. Go through the Issues on Jira Here .
  2. Look at the issues thoroughly based on what you are interested to work on, or what your tech stack will allow you to do. Pick up a ticket.
  3. Look for the module(repo) where the change needs to be implemented. It’s usually in the description.
  4. Fork the repo, clone it. Then from there you can start working.

Also, I recommend you also have a look at Getting Started As A Developer that’s of you haven’t seen that yet.

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@prasadsatyam You can refer what @joachimjunior has shared. It contains all the links required!

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