Adding table in OBS Form

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Hello Community

Is it possible to add a table in the ANC Obs form similar to the one below

The form should have dynamic rows to allow users to add or remove rows depending on the amount of data they want to capture. The posts that I have seen here are not very detailed.

@snehabagri ^

Hi @tapologo,

Using form builder, you can create a table with max 2 columns. Each cell needs to have a concept linked to it, to capture the data. The rows cannot be added dynamically.

To achieve what is described above we would need custom development.

For now, one approach you can take is to have all the above mentioned concepts in a section, and do a section add more. This would work only with the code on master and not with any released version of bahmni.

@tapologo do you editing in table format?

If your purpose is to show in tabular format, then you can still do that

  • capture your data in a typical form
  • display in dashboard either as custom control (simple html table)

Unfortunately 2 columns will not work for me. Our clinic works with a lot of tabular forms to capture patient information, so I wanted the best approach to implement this on Bahmni

So basically this requirement is not possible on Bahmni?

Yes the editing must be done directly on the table

It is possible with latest code, that code is yet to be released. So you would need to build your own artefacts.

Just a quick question?

  • Which patient is this captured against? Mother?
  • Is this filled in as “delivery outcome”? or as past “delivery history”?

Other than visual aspect, I am wondering why this can not be done as simple obs form, with repeats (Add-more) for section or even a “obs-group”?

It’s mother’s past delivery history

This is what I initially wanted to do, but this response from @snehabagri says it’s not possible in Bahmni