Adding Spanish translations for CIEL concepts

Hi @akanter,

As part our current work, we need to show the CIEL concepts in Spanish. But we have noticed that few are missing Spanish translations. We have given the list below. Could we add them to our CIEL concepts?

CIEL Code Name in English Name in Spanish
CIEL:1536 HOME Casa
CIEL:163733 Less than 72 hours Menos de 72 h
CIEL:163734 72 to 120 hours De 72 h a 120 h
CIEL:163563 More than 1 year ago más de 1 año
CIEL:162930 Voodoo Vudú
CIEL:162931 Catholic Católico
CIEL:162932 Baptist Religion Bautista
CIEL:162933 Islam Musulmán
CIEL:162934 Pentecoastal Religion Pentecostal
CIEL:162935 Seventh Day Adventist Religion Adventista
CIEL:162936 Jenohav’s witness religion Testigo de Jehová
CIEL:163098 Buddhism Budismo
CIEL:163125 Christinity (Non Catholic) Cristianismo (no católico)
CIEL:163124 Hinduism Hinduismo

CC: @mksd @sukreet

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Thanks a bunch, tagging @akanter.

Yes of course! Done and will be in the next release. Please let me know about any more.