Adding relationships to an existing patient

Application Name: OpenMRS Platform Version Number: 2.0.5 Question: i can create a patient and specify his relationships with doctors and family members (on creation), but after submitting the new patient’s creation form. i couldn’t find where i can add more relationships for each patient and i am stuck with the ones that i did specify while creating the patient for the first time.

Can you create a ticket for that under the JIRA Reference Application project?

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There’s a widget to do this in coreapps that @cioan built, but I don’t know if it’s enabled in the default reference application or if we’ve documented how to enable it.

Take care, Mark

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i have already followed one of @cioan 's responses to a similar post, and i did add the current line to the config file of the relationships widget: > “editPrivilege”: “Task: coreapps.editRelationships”,

but still, i didn’t notice anything after that on the widget.

What version of the core apps module are you using?

coreapps 1.14.0

i also tried to add the config: "editable" : "true" on the configuration file : openmrs-module-coreapps-1.14.0/omod/src/main/resources/apps/dashboardWidgets_app.json

{ “id”: “coreapps.relationships”, “instanceOf”: “coreapps.template.dashboardWidget”, “description”: “”, “order”: 10, “config”: { “widget”: “relationships”, “icon”: “icon-group”, “label”: “FAMILY”, “maxRecords”: “5”, “editable”: “true”, “editPrivilege”: “Task: coreapps.editRelationships” },

and i want to know if the editing possibility that you were talking about is accessible directly through the widget on the patient’s dashboard, or is it somewhere else.

Hi @mouad, Did you give “Task: coreapps.editRelationships” privilege to the logon user?

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it works, thanks! there is one more thing, when i try to add a relationship, only the ones between patient and patient works, more specifically when i select Doctor, and i wrote a doctor name (that exists in the database), it doesn’t give me any doctor name on the results. it is because it searches only using the patient?q=XXX&v=custom:(uuid,display,gender,age) query. even if i chose doctor, it still searches only for patients

@mouad as a token of appreciation, do you mind adding this to the wiki documentation for others too? :smile:

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yeah sure man, i am new into this can u give me a quick hint how to do that?

@mouad can you click the edit button on this page and then add a section for it?

i wasn’t able to login uwing my openMRS ID to the wiki … how can i login with the same account as here ?

Can you contact helpdesk?