adding radlex terms to demodata in a module

Dear @akanter and @judy,

I would like to provide developers and interested users demo data to easily get setup with the radiology module.

I would like to add radlex as concept reference terms and link them to concepts.

I am just wondering wheter you think that would be ok in terms of licensing or if you have other doubts.


License says that I would be free to publicly distribute, display it as long as I dont modify for example the radlex ids. And I need to provide a copy of the license + notice.

Would like your opinion on this! Thanks a lot!

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I would think Judy would be in the best position to make a call on how it might get included with the OpenMRS/CIEL packaging. We did do an initial review of this in the past and had a similar issue with SNOMED CT as a reference map. I would think that once we determined the mapping between a CIEL procedure and its Radlex ID, there would be no problem with your using it. As for distributing it to others, we would need a way to take out the RadLEX maps for those not willing to accept the license. We could provide the license an notice with CIEL, but we would have no way of enforcing it or recording the users approval.

Thanks @akanter !

My question was more about whether you think it is ok to add radlex as demo dataset into a modules repository?

But I am not against it being imported into CIEL if it is of use to others.

@judy what do you say regarding those two topics?

I used a little snippet of bash script to create an SQL file to import Radlex terms into OpenMRS reference terms. Anyone interested can check it out here:

This way anyone can accept license terms/download radlex terms for themselves and import them with less hassle.

Mapping the Radlex terms to CIEL concepts still needs to be done.

when downloading the radlex csv’s they provide a map-to-table-playbook-2_1.csv file where we could fill in the CIEL concepts that the Radlex terms map to. This would make it easy to generate an SQL script that can be executed after the import SQL script I generated for the Radlex terms -> OpenMRS reference terms.

@judy could you please do that? Would be very helpful :slight_smile: