Adding "person attribute" Extension to the FHIR Patient Resource

An issue has been raised that Person Attributes are not synchronized when Using “fhir” as Resource Client , see this Ticket.

Sync2 does all the Synchronisation(pushes and pulls) using rest calls , this can be done using
“fhir” e.g /ws/fhir/Resource
“rest” e.g /ws/rest/v1/resource
as a Resource preferred client.

There some standard fhir patient resource specs that could match some of our “person attributes” like

fhir “telecom” can match openmrs “Telephone Number

hence a telephone number can be easily synchronised using fhir Resource client

Note that when Sync2 , does the Synchronisation of Patients using our openmrs “rest” Resource client , all person attributes will be synchronised since person attributes is a property of the Openmrs patient Resource. This is not the same case with “fhir” , because the standard specs for for a Fhir patient resource do not match a “person attribute” property.

see standard template for a fhir Patient Resource

To have all person attributes synchronised via “fhir” would mean adding “person attribute” extension to the Fhir Patient Resource.
Would this be necesary ,given the fact that we can still synchronise the “person Attributes” using our openmrs rest Resource client ??

cc @k.joseph @ssmusoke @dkayiwa

Why don’t we start with the OpenMRS person attributes via REST then see how to map to fhir

@surangak @burke @lober

the only person attribute that can currently match a standard fhir spec is Telephone Number.

it can map to telcom in fhir.

. Here is a list of available patient resource extensions. i seem not to see any that can map to other openmrs Person Attributes

ya , well when we use “rest” as a prefered Resource client in Sync2 settings , it can perfectly synchronise all the openmrs person attributes.

@mozzy Ignore FHIR for now use the REST resources to fix the issue that is what we can use now

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i responded in the ticket comments,

all Person attributes can be synchronised via REST. so when using REST, there seems to be no issue to adress , as all the person attributes are synchronised

the only remaining problem when using REST , would be that The Person Atrribute Resource is just not listed under the Resources Drop down list and in the Audit log. so could you adjust the ticket description and i adress that ??

@mozzy Do go ahead and suggest changes