Adding openmrs spa module to dev3 vs migrating some of its logic to rest webservices

I scripted some code for adding a REST endpoint, PUT /ws/frontend/config.json in the spa module because it was created to serve all frontend assets. However, unless we add this module to distro, there will be a need of manually uploading this module in docker environments (dev3).

Since the rest web-services module harbours most REST endpoints and the spa module is not yet added to distro;

  1. Should we just migrate this logic to the rest webservices module?
  2. Or we can just add the spa module to distro?

We can also choose to migrate all the logic in the spa module into the rest web-services

cc @ibacher @dkayiwa @bistenes

i would vote for adding the logic into rest webservices module.

Is it the right time @dkayiwa , some old discussion might be of help


That would be my vote too!

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