Adding new model objects to support ADX format

As with DXF format,current module has only one model object to map with DHIS2 which is DataElement. With new ADX format, we need more objects for mapping as below

  • DataElement
  • DataSet
  • Categories
  • CategoryCombo

Definition of those in ADX is explained with examples in this link

We just need object with basic attributes such as: id, name, code and other audit attributes.

Please add if I missed anything.


Yes @vietnguyen,

Just as a verification, categories == categoryOptions??. If yes, I can’t think of anything else that you missed.

@maurya Hi Sri,

Yes you are correct, Categories == categoryOptions.

I think this is all we need. I have updated the wiki page and also jira ticket with more details. Need some one to take this task.


Hello @vietnguyen,

Great! Is there someone in the HISP India team who would be able to take up the task?

I’m afraid we all tied up with our projects. Do you think Jembi team can take those tasks ?