Adding Module Management Improvements to Ref App 2.8.0

I have worked to improve and add some features to the existing sysAdmin OWA for the reference application. Since these issues are related to Module management, How can I help to make it for the release?


How can I add the updated version of SysAdmin OWA to the new release of Ref App 2.8.0? (Some tickets were already completed for the new release of the sysAdmin OWA 1.1 - See here

CC : @dkayiwa @jwnasambu

is among the issues to be reflected in RefApp 2.8.0 good enough its not assigned to anyone. You can go a head and claim it with the help of @wyclif and @dkayiwa you can make it as long as you accomplish the task on time.

Thanks @jwnasambu. I will take a look at there.