Adding Death Date to Person Context Model in Core Apps

I am looking for feedback on adding the date of death to the Person Context model in coreapps, to ensure that specific forms or encounters cannot be added after that date. Another use case that came up in discussion with @wyclif would be entering autoposy information only after the date of death.

This date is usually null, so this may be an issue too.

@ssmusoke you did say that the reason you want to add death date to context model is so that you don’t have to do retrospective data entry for dead patients, and I was just indicating that there can be situations where it might be necessary to enter information after one has died retrospectively which can be useful e.g when doing the autopsy.

@wyclif as we do restrospective data entry, there is a need to ensure that certain encounters do not happen after the date of death. Take for example like having a counseling session, or getting circumcised.

@wyclif bringing this back on top - any additional feedback cc @slubwama @slubwama1

The thing is that with retrospective data entry, you’re pretty much recording a series of events that happened in a certain order. A patient couldn’t have had an encounter after they died, so if you’re entering data retrospectively and it so happens that there is an encounter that you need to enter for them, it should be recorded for auditing purposes because it must have happened before they died unless the people collecting the data are making up things which is a different thing all together


Thanks Stephen! I’ve merged the code, can you claim the related ticket so I clan close it?