Adding an OWA to a distro

We’re are currently including a couple OWAS (lab workflow and order entry) as part of the PIH EMR distro, and are using a rather ad hoc process for now.

I did see the System Administration OWA listed in the file for the Ref App and was wandering if there was any support for including an OWA via Seeing that entry in the for the Ref App got my hopes up, but from the following ticket it looks like this may not have been implemented yet?


Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich are you looking for this?

Thanks @dkayiwa I think that it what I am looking for!

So @dkayiwa and @raff I tried the instructions in SDK-225 and it doesn’t appear to be working properly for me…

I manually updated by artifact to bintray and I’m assuming I have the configuration wrong? However, I’m not seeing any warning or errors when I run, so I’m somewhat at a loss of how to debug. Any thoughts?


@mogoodrich, your snippet and artifact look good. Could you please share the distro file with variables or the whole project instead of just a screenshot so it can be run? SDK can be debugged as described at

Thanks @raff!

Here’s the the distro file:

Oh, with the caveat that I haven’t committed my change to add the owa yet…