Adding Address Hierarchy to RA 2.6

As per OpenMRS Reference Application 2.6 Release it’s been requested to add the module to RA. Do we need to add any initial configuration for the module?

@raff I do not think that there is any configuration required, @dkayiwa do advise


I intentionally never included address hierarchy because the hierarchical approach is not valid for all countries, and because it requires a very significant amount of configuration before you can start running.

I think we should continue to test it, and ensure it can be used as an add-on, but not bundle it in the refapp.

There’s a significant amount of configuration required: you would need to populate both the “levels”, and also a complete hierarchy. (Right?)

That is correct @darius.

However, I’m not sure if just installing it will do anything out of the box without configuration (but we’d have to confirm this).

So if the idea is just to package the module with the Ref App so others can use it if they want to take the time to configure it, that could be a possibility… but that seems to be the “bundle as an add-on” approach that Darius suggests.

For what it’s worth, we are using the address hierarchy within the Registration App for our registration, but not without our own configuration that we add.

Take care, Mark

My 2 cents is that this module is very well established and widely used, and should be included. I was surprised to hear that it isn’t a part of the refapp.


Do we have some sort of guidelines that help us determine which module should be included in the reference application?

My understanding of bundling with Ref App is for established stable modules that end-users will need out of the box. @dkayiwa I doubt if there are any hard-and-fast rules (I am new to this), but there is need to put on an implementer’s hat and anticipate what modules they would find useful …

As I understand we are unsure, if adding the module without any config breaks anything, I’ll not bundle it with RA 2.6.0. I’ll ticket to add the module in RA 2.7.0 (