Adding a new search results field to show full name for local language in Registration first page.

In our Usecase, user should be able to see full name of local language in the patient’s search results in the Registration first page.

The approach, we have taken to achieve this is to add a config field in app.json.

"patientSearchResults": {
    "personAttributes": {
        "fields": ["givenNameLocal","familyNameLocal","middleNameLocal"],
        "localLanguageFullNameFields": ["givenNameLocal","middleNameLocal","familyNameLocal"]

This field localLanguageFullNameFields takes input of an array, where user can mention the combination they want to see for the fullName. For example, if user gives only [“givenNameLocal”,“middleNameLocal”] then the full name will not contain family Name local it will just be a combination of given Name and middle Name.

This functionality is behind a toggle. When this field is added in the config, the other three fields for given Name in Local language , middle Name in local language, family Name local in local language will not be shown in the patient search results table.Otherwise, it behaves as before.

When the config for full name is not added, default behaviour

When the config for full name is added

Hi @supriyam - is this a new feature - the ability to show full name (local language)? Will you be documenting it on Bahmni wiki? Will be helpful.

Yes @gsluthra its a new feature. Sure will document it in Bahmni wiki too.