Adding a custom control in an observation form


We want to add a section in a dental form that graphically displays a drawing of a mouth with teeth numbers on which the dentist can click to select/save a teeth number affected.

So I would like to add a custom control within an observation form.

Is that something currently possible via the config?

(I understand that it is possible in the Visit and Dashboard screens, but haven’t found information about the Observation tab)



Hi @mksrom,

The custom control within Observation form is not supported right now. This looks like a new feature. Because its not a simple control because the selection from the graphical display needs to be fed into input field. Needs development effort. I look at it as a new type of input field which is not supported by Bahmni.

In case if you are interested in contributing such feature please do let us know. Regards, Swathi

Thanks @swathivarkala for clarifying that this is not supported yet.

Currently the need of our client for a custom control, within an obs form is being reassessed. We may not have to customize observation forms yet.

However, if this appears to be a requirement again, I will let you know and we will be happy to add support of ‘custom controls’ within observation templates/forms (with some guidance from the Bahmni/OpenMRS community)



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Definitely. We would love to provide support. Regards, Swathi