Add startDate and endDate as configuration properties on...

Hi devs

I need help going on with this Travis error after making these changes. Please point out what am getting wrong @mozzy @ruhanga @dkayiwa

Thanks @odorajonathan for taking on REPORT-635. :+1:

Have you confirmed there are no more references to the pieces of code you are trying to replace, for example in here :point_right:

You probably wana look more closely into the failing tests, get to know the behavior of the tested methods and further discover more occurrences of the code pieces you are trying to refactor.

Thanks @ruhanga it appears that RepeatPerTimePeriodDataSetEvaluator is the only occurance of the evalContext.getParameterValue("endDate") that I have refactored to use DSD like dsd.getEndDate()

However, my issue exactly would be tracing the exact problem travis is reporting, because looking at the many classes the error refers to, I can’t exactly get the point where the issues are resulting from

I have commented on github.