Add Past visit, is it working?

Hi all, There is a button on the patient dashboard that is helpfull to add paste visits. I do understand the value of this function , especially if the clinic is moving from paper-based into electronic documentation. However, although the button adds a previous visit, it is does not seem possible to add encounters/observation to this previous visit. The current visits action (usually has the clinical forms) does not show there. Even if you moved these forms to general actions, you still unable to add encounters to the past visit. How is it possible to add encounters or observation to past visits?

Thanks very much

@yadamz I assume that you are using a check for active visits to show the forms only for active visits. We are using the following to show the forms on past visits: ( || !

Hi All,

We are experiencing the same issue. We would like to add the option to capture vitals and add visit notes to past visits, how do we enable these options on the Reference Application 2.10?