Add On Management OWA Sprint 1 announcement !!

Hi family,

We are excited to announce yet another new experience for us as Andela apprentices at OpenMRS. We have recently been working on the Cohort Builder and we just had our first Beta release :raised_hands:, thank to @dkayiwa and an awesome community for this.

On this yet new adventure we will be working on an Add On (Module) Manager for OWAs. Our main stack being React. @suthagar23 had worked on the OMOD Add On Management for his Gsoc project in Angular. This new OWA (Add On Management will later on substitute the older version of the Open Web App Management Module. We will be working to see how we incorporate OMOD Module Management and OWA modules management nto one if possible.

In this sprint, we will primarily focus on implementing the Open Web App Management Module as an OWA.

Objectives: Create REST endpoint for OWA actions i.e : start, stop, delete and OWA Resource. Implement OWA management functionality: Listing OWA, Deleting and Uploading the OWAs.

Start Date: 2017-08-31 07:42 End Date: 2017-09-14 07:42

JIRA Board: Github Repo: Wiki Link:

We’ll be conducting a poll soon to determine the day & time for the demo.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

cc: @dkayiwa @darius @burke

It sounds good :slight_smile:

Can you guys please respond me about this questions,

  1. Here Can I get the target of openmrs-owa-addonmanager? .
  2. How will it differ from the openmrs-owa-sysadmin?
  3. But how will you guys go to merge the angular based sysadmin to react based addonmanager? Or are you going to modify the whole code to react?

Very good questions @suthagar23 :slight_smile:

This one is about doing the legacy user interface part of the Open Web Apps module as an OWA. That is the user interface for uploading, listing, and deleting existing OWAs. Then we shall no longer depend on the legacyui module for OWA management. Another aspect of this sprint is creating the REST end points to facilitate the above. These REST end points are going to be created in the existing Open Web Apps module. In other words, the existing Open Web Apps module will be a server side component for the OWA functionality and management, while the openmrs-owa-addonmanager provides the UI.

So @suthagar23 this does not duplicate any of your awesome work. :smile:

@dkayiwa :smiley: Thanks enough !!! Great to have that feature like a OWA.

Anyway In the future we should think about the module Manager and AddOn manager with in one frame :slight_smile:

@suthagar23 do you think you have the time to look into that?

@suthagar23 If you can create the rest API for the OWA manager, I should be able to raise a PR to add the manage-OWA feature to the current openmrs-owa-sysadmin.

First ,I want to complete the module update feature in the System Administration OWA.

@dkayiwa If the community okay with my work, then definitely I can look into this feature :slight_smile:

@jeiddiah I am looking on that module about the REST implementation. I will update the status about that asap.

Thanks @suthagar23 :slight_smile: