Add New Langauge in OpenMRS-Standalone 2.5

openmrs-standalone: 2.5:

Question: Hi Guys, I have downloaded the above opem-mrs standalone version and I am trying to use the same. Now I have a requirement to add new language lets say “Arabic/Persian (Farsi)”, which is of now is not supported by this version. I tried to follow the steps mentioned in for supporting my requirenent, but it seems that the steps mentioned in this link is not for the version I am using. Could someone help me on this on urgent basis as this is a production outrage?.


I added a note to that wiki page, which refers to the legacy UI, how to get to those features in OpenMRS Reference Application 2.x+. Unfortunately, the “new” Reference Application does not yet provide easy access to language setting. I thought we had an issue for addressing this, but I was unable to locate it, so I created this one (feel free to vote for it):

FYI – we use Transifex for translations ( and could certainly use help in Farsi translations. :slight_smile:

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@burke, actually you can change your locale in Reference Application 2.4+ from My Account -> Default Settings. (This is blocked for the admin user on the demo server.) RA-995 is about improving the UI a bit.

@himjain241989, see the link that Burke provided, to add translations in Arabic and/or Farsi, and then let @ibatista know when you’re nearing completion, so he can coordinate getting this included in a release.

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as @burke and @darius say, we have Persian and Arabic on Transifex, you can register and request to be a translator and reviewer. when are complete we put the language in release app.