Add more Select Elements under Disposition Tab

Hey ,I want to add more select elements under disposition tab ,is it possible ? and if it is I will appreciate more details on how to do it .Below is an illustration

Unfortunately no. You can propose (in the PAT call) for feature to plugin additional form in this tab.

Although looking at the screenshot, it seems like a referral case. Disposition tab is mainly used for ADT - admit, discharge and transfer (within the hospital) If you want a referral case, maybe a “referral” form would do?

thanks for the quick reply

@angshuonline just out of curiosity, what impact on functionality will creating a new concept of Class Misc and Datatype N/A and adding it to the Disposition concept? I also have a similar request to add to the predefined OOTB list

If you do not change the existing ADT concepts … I dont think it will have any adverse effects.