add github topics to openmrs-core for more exposure


I suggest we add topics to the openmrs-core github repo.

What are topics? They help people to easily find repositories by a topic they are interested in.

Read more here:

You can see a search example here for the topic “emr”:

I am not sure if there is a limit, I see some repos with quite a lot of them

I suggest topics:

  • emr
  • ehr
  • medical records
  • health
  • healthcare
  • hospital

They are easy to add and change, I dont have permission. Maybe @dkayiwa :slight_smile: Not sure how many people are using this feature but it might help to lead a few people into this community :wink:


Very nice idea @teleivo :smile: Did i add them as you expected?

of course! perfect as always, thank you :smile: