Add extension hook in Add / Edit User page on legacy UI

Hello Everyone,

We would like to add an extension hook for mapping user to location(s) in the Add / Edit Users Page of legacyUI. Attached the mock up below.

It will be visible when data filter module is present in the application.

Please share your concerns or feedback on this

cc @mksd @rrameshbtech @sukreet @mddubey


@premnisha you should not need anybody to agree since Data Filter will just hook its admin UI to an extension point on that page.

Or is your concern that this extension point doesn’t exist yet in Legacy UI and you want to add it?

Hi @mksd

Since its going to hook will be added to legacyui we wanted to keep the community informed and also be open to get ideas if any.

This will also live as a document reference for the change in the future