Add en.json file for localization/customization of the biometrics module

I am currently customizing the application and I need to change the label for biometrics. However, I have noticed that the en.json file for this module is empty, so the ‘Translation Overrides’ feature is not working. I would like to create a pull request with the updated file, but I need to know if there is an existing issue for this or if I should create one myself.

I have also seen that TranslationTransifex can be used for this purpose, but as far as I understand, it is more useful for the translation team, and pull requests with json files should be created manually anyway.

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There may not be one.

It may be worth exploring the use of Transifex to manage translations if the project is expecting a large number of translations

Did related work here though this was on the OpenMRS ReffApp:

@thembo42 Thank you for your response. I don’t have time now to explore how to push changes to Transifex, but I will do it later. Also, thank you for sharing the [RA-2020] Fix auto update of translations from transifex - OpenMRS Issues link. I didn’t know that translations get automatically pulled from Transifex.