Add Data Integrity module to OpenMRS servers

Hi, Today I had meeting with my GSoC mentor @ssmusoke and during discussion we agreed that Data Integrity module can now be hosted on different OpenMRS servers. Data integrity module has been improved in many ways and many new features will be implemented in coming versions. It will be very beneficiary to different people who are looking for similar solution. In my experience, it is kind of hard to setup Data integrity module in local machine so any available demo will be very useful.

Please let me know how can we further proceed. Thanks!

Could you clarify what you mean by this module being hosted on different OpenMRS servers?

@dkayiwa, I meant to say that it would be great if we can add Data Integrity module on OpenMRS servers like: devtest04, qa-ref and etc.

Oh i see! So you mean adding it to the reference application. I remember a discussion around this but not so sure of what the conclusion was.

My personal opinion is to wait and see the module’s adoption by end users. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa, thanks for the suggestion. In my opinion to actually increase module adoption we should add it to the reference application.

@ssmusoke, what do you suggest ?

@shivtej on the contrary, we do not use the reference application as a means of increasing a module’s adoption. :slight_smile: