Add custom person field widget to Patient Dashboard

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.10


I’ve successfully added custom person attributes by following the guides. What I would want to do now is to make this info appear in the Patient Dashboard.

Thank you.

@jdultra thanks for the work , You need to do some custom configurations in core apps for this widget to appear in your patient dashboard …

are these of help

I will take a look and will let you know. Thanks.

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From what I’ve gathered from the docs, it seems that it’s better if i model a patient’s history as observations. I will create an HTML Form entry to gather the info. Then this will give me the ability to create a widget on the patient dashboard that contains the patient’s history as observations.

Patient’s history on the paper form is actually a checklist of illnesses. So may be I can do the ff:

  1. Model the checklist of illnesses as a concept class and the illnesses as concepts under that class.
  2. I will implement the form checklist (check-boxes) using HTML form entry.
  3. I will activate this form to be part of the General Actions via the Form manager.
  4. Finally, I will create a widget on the patient dashboard that contains the patient history as observations.

Does this make sense? This is my first time to go this deep in customizing OpenMRS so I’d appreciate a little bit of guidance. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

you can create the widget in the patient dash board some example is here

you can have a look at this guide for this