Add ConceptClass LabSet to FHIR's Laboratory Observations

Hi everyone,

I want to bring this to notice that currently when we call for Laboratory observations from FHIR API, we only get the observations of the concepts having the concept class Test. Since as per the requirements from the designs for the OpenMRS3, we need to group the test results in a panel view, where a panel represents either a group of observations (LabSet) or an individual test (Test), depending on how the data was saved.

When we call for laboratory observations from the FHIR API, we only get the individual Tests and not the LabSets, which we require to update accordingly.

If, and only we can’t update the FHIR module, do let me know of any other way of fetching the LabSet’s Observation.


Thanks to @ruhanga, he has shared that to update the LabSet observations in the laboratory category, we need to add the below sql command in the FHIR module:

            insert into fhir_observation_category_map (concept_class_id, observation_category, creator, date_created, uuid)
            select concept_class_id, 'laboratory', 1, now(), uuid()
            from concept_class
            where uuid = <LABSETCONCEPTCLASSUUID>