Add Ability to Filter Reports on Reporting Module Available Reports Section

Currently, the reporting module “Available Reports” section lists about 15 reports names per page in alphabetical order. It also gives buttons (see the bottom right corner of the section) that can be used to navigate backward to view the previous 15 reports or forward to view the next 15 (See the image below)

This is fine if the number of reports is relatively small, however as the number grows it becomes somewhat painful to access a report one needs. In the case of the image above if one needs report number 65 then they have to perform a lot of clicks and that is if they are sure report #65 is what they need.

Therefore, to improve the user experience we at FGH are proposing adding a search box that will be used to filter reports by name. I will create a ticket afterwards but I have brought it here in case people want to discuss further, or even improve the idea.

@mseaton @mogoodrich @darius @dkayiwa @wyclif @eurico.jose @minoneves

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Hi there,

Attached is the proposed mockup to the feature we would like to have

@minoneves 4 solid years… I almost gave you a visitors book to register your name. Welcome back to the community!

@willa, i like your proposal! :slight_smile: