ActorId Not being picked on an Instantiated Call(Resolved)

Helo @druchniewicz @pwargulak, @dkayiwa

Hope this finds you well. We have an issue where by an actor id is associated with a patient, And its vital for us for reporting purposes where by it creates a relationship between a call and a patient. Currently when you initiate a call directly from ui, Actor id is not picked and hence returns null in the DB. However when you schedule a call on a certain patient.

Quick Hark! In callController class . it seems that actorId param is missing.

Then with in our callUtill calls where the method checksForCallToBePlaced, perhaps is missing to pick the actorId on scheduled call.

Looking forward for your response. Thanks

Resolved through this PR . There was a missing parameter in callController that initiates a call. cc @druchniewicz