Activating primaryContact

I am using the Vagrant Box implementation with an empty database and would like to include information on emergency contacts. I have located in the documentation various references to primaryContact which is I guess what I am looking for but have been so far unsuccessful in enabling this information to be captured.

Can anyone advise if and how this can be enabled?

@mafrica Do you mean adding one more field at the Patient Registration to capture Emergency contact details? This is possible by defining new Person Attributes through OpenMRS admin UI as given here Once done it will start showing up in the “Other Information” section in Patient Registration screen. I have added this on Bahmni online demo, have a look here

I am OK with adding more attributes but for the contact I need a little more like some data of the same form as the registration eg contacts home address (this should use the same address hierarchy as patient) relationship would also be useful for blood transfusion purposes. Having seen the primaryContact item in the code snippets then I guessed that this was an out of the box or prior feature??

In the absence of more information on primaryContact I have opted for additional person attributes. Thanks