ACTION ITEM: OpenMRS Leadership Team

OpenMRS Leadership Team

We are still looking for feedback on the topics below. Please add your thoughts to the Talk thread or spreadsheet provided this week so we can then discuss these topics on an upcoming call.

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Another important action item:

  • Look at the evolving operational plan (long) and budget (shorter) documents, and provide feedback in your activity areas.

(@terry, @jthomas are we planning to walk through these in an upcoming leadership call before they get too finalized?)

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Regarding the plan & particularly budget:

I mentioned to Terry on Tuesday that we’re not currently presenting things in a standard way. Generally, budgets are broken out by organizational/functional area, and those financial/resource needs tie back to strategic goals for the period as much as possible.

While the scope of its organization is not at all like the mission of OpenMRS Inc., a good example of documentation in my opinion is the annual plan & budget for the Wikimedia Foundation (which by the way comes in at around $65 million for this year):

WMF2015-16AnnualPlan.pdf (736.3 KB)

They also require each team (within WMF, they are Engineering, Community Engagement, Advancement, Legal, & Communications) to describe their annual goals with respect to the strategic goals of the entire organization (described in their document as a “call to action” and “focus” for the year).

So I would like to propose reworking the line items in the budget document particularly, once those items are reviewed by everyone, and sorting/grouping by the functional areas of the community.

we can definitely talk about them in the next leadership meeting ( as long as we can also talk about partnerships). Jamie, will that be OK? we also need to talk about the advisory board composition if we have time. terry

I took the time to look at the WMF annual plan. I LOVE IT. It is a synopsis of the ops plan, the budget , and all of our other ideas and work. All of our work for the ops plan and budget would help inform a document like this–so, we would have the Annual Report as well as an Annual Plan like this for documents. BUT, we need all of you to review the ops plan and the budget ( please feel free to tweak whatever, as well as the dates and objectives. I know that things will change on the first two goals based on the current discussion but we can still move ahead.

Michael and i will work on developing a similar document the week of 2/22-- so you need to have your changes made by then to the ops plan and the budget. If we discuss on the leadership call next week, then we should have time to move this along. If we can do that, then we will be able to implement the plans by March 1 ( though i assume that people are moving along with their stated objectives). thanks. terry

@terry and @darius I will put Partnerships, advisory committee and OpPlan/budget on the agenda for next week.

Please review the advisory committee guidelines, and come to the meeting with your comments for changes and some ideas for specific organizations/ people who should be considered for inclusion in the advisory committee. The draft guidance will have been out for two weeks at the time of our meeting, so we should be able to move forward on setting up this group–preferably for a meeting in April. Thanks for your help. Terry

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