Accidentally deleted item in CIEL Concept Dictionary

While testing and playing around with OpenMRS I accidentally deleted an item in the CIEL Concept Dictionary relating to Vital signs. The item ID seems to be CIEL:5092 because I receive the following error: “Cannot find concept for value CIEL:5092 in conceptId attribute value.” Can someone assist me in reinstalling this?

Appreciate the assistance thanks.

how did you load the dictionary into your DB in the first place ,

can you just reload it in your DB ??

see how to load CIEL

Just mention the OpenMRS version you have and i drop you the coresponding latest dictionary or @akanter can also drop it for you here

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CIEL was loaded on original install. OpenMRS version is 2.0.5.

Is there some way to simply re-import using Import MetaData

that would be possible , if you can build a metadata package with all the concepts from another OpenMRS server and import it (but often that fails with some validation errors) ,
But its not the recommended way to import the entire CIEL as its most likely to change Concept Ids :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for your response. Can you drop me the latest dictionary.

Thank you

I think if you installed CIEL using the import SQL initially, you can simply overwrite the concept tables again using the dropbox file. However, if you have made any changes to the concept tables, they would be overwritten.

I didn’t install CIEL using the import SQL initially, it was automatically installed when OpenMRS was initially installed.

If you have the full CIEL concept dictionary and have not made changes, you can use the SQL available from the dropbox (send me an email with your email if you need an invite to dropbox).

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