accessing patient details requires username password

I am Robins from Tranquilmoney Inc., working recently on the configuration of OpenMRS to integrate with our existing EHR / Practicemanagement apps. I have configured the openmrs-standalone in my Windows 10 PC and it started working fine now. But it is asking login username & password while accessing the existing patients details as well addition and it is not taking any of the default passwords

What do you mean by existing patients? Do you mean demo patients that came with the openmrs standalone version? Or patients that you entered yourself?

Yes, I meant the demo patients with openmrs standalone and as well the test patient I added too.

Can you share a screenshot of the error message?

After disabled the Dermimage module it started working. I found as it was requesting access to the path leading to clinician* location. Hence I disabled this module and now it is working without asking authorization. Thank you.

Sorry for the late follow-up but glad that it’s working as expected now :slight_smile:

@tranquilmoney regarding the login popup when the Dermimage module is enabled, I suggest you file an issue here and let the maintainer know.