Accessing OpenMRS Database Remotely


What are the available options for accessing OpenMRS database remotely.

I want to have a server in a fixed location. Then easily access the database remotely once I have an internet connection.


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do you intend to mean accessing an openmrs instance running on a remote machine ??


THanks for the reply.

Yes, I mean accessing an openmrs instance running on a remote machine.

I want to be able to access it even if I am not on the same network (locally) as the remote machine.

you can use the mysql workbench

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@slimz for this you need to have access to the panel for which the instance is hosted,at that do you have openmrs instance already hosted some where?

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Hi @slimz,

As of now OpenMRS runs on MySQL 5.6 or 5.7. Your endeavour is in fact not OpenMRS-specific, it’s a generic question in regards to performing remote connections to a MySQL database. I leave you to it to Google it, but in a nutshell you just need to know the hostname of the system that runs MySQL and the (presumably open) port on which this system runs MySQL.


@slimz there are several existing Mysql clients which can easily help you do the remote connection. As long long as you know the machine’s hostname and port on which MySQL runs

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Thanks for the replies guys.

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  1. Your server needs a static IP Address as you will use the server’s IP to access it from the client computer.
  2. Ensure your computer and server are networked, and can communicate. You can use the ping command for this test. For example, ping where is the IP address.
  3. Open your client computer’s browser and go to the address of the server, the same as opens in the browser in the server when you start standalone. It may be something like… http://localhost:8081/openmrs/login.htm , but that won’t work from the client. You must replace localhost with the IP address of your server. So, if your server IP address was, your URL to access it would be The numbers after the address and colon are critical, that is the port that your server is running on. Make sure the port is the same as the port the server is running on . It is everything i could find for you
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Thanks for your response @biferry.

I am conversant with the process of accessing a database hosted on a computer from a client computer if they are on the same network.

However, in my case, the client and and server computer are not on the same network.

I think getting a global ip address for the host computer will work. Right?

You can try the following

In any mysql client, you can connect to the remote machine using the SSH tunnelling. I tried DBeaver

Host/IP : The IP in which openers is running


Username: centos

Authentication Method: Public Key

PrivateKey: path to Your private key that is already added in the remote machine

Password: In case you have any

Save Password : checked

Implementaion: JSch

Timeout: your desired number

This will allow you to access the openmrs db


Try zerotier… its an opensource SDWAN solution

give it a try

I access my server with this method… need more info…reply to this post. it just works and its secure.