Access to the Platform UI Login page for unauthenticated users

Hello, I am currently working on the platform UI trying to implement a login page for unauthenticated Users. However, the open web application does not load when a user is not logged in. How and where can I make changes to enable the platform UI OWA to load for users that are not logged in?

This is what is displayed when I try to access the OWA after logging out.

Nothing is logged in the server log.

What does the JavaScript Console say? Are there any errors there?

This is what it shows:

@sibo this is the thing you’re going to have to debug.

@darius The application works well when I am logged in. So I suspect it’s a setting on the platform or OWA omod that prevents the running of OWAs for unauthenticated users. I’m not well conversant with Java but let me see what I can do.

@sibo this by all means is a client side (JavaScript) problem in your owa. If you are not able to figure it out, can you arrange and invite me on a voice call?

After a sync with @dkayiwa, we realised there was a change that was added to the OWA omod that was denying access to any resource in the /owa directory on the server and kept on prompting any unauthenticated user to log in for any of the bundled resources (app.bundle.js. vendor.bundle.js…) to be loaded. Undoing those changes solved the issue.