Access to Issue Tracker

I had submitted a ticket to the helpdesk for access to the issue tracker around 3 days ago but I still haven’t gotten a response. @suthagar23

Can you create a another request via HelpDesk?

In the mean time, Lets us check on it.

@jwnasambu could you please check it?

I submitted another yesterday.

Hi @ribhavsharma,

You raised a ticket on the 10th December, and @jwnasambu granted you access on the same day (less than 10 minutes later) and answered back to you that it was granted.

You raised another one yesterday, and again @jwnasambu said that you already had access.

Can you explain better what happened? You are not receiving messages on your *2003 email?

You can try by submitting another one. :slight_smile: Email address might be wrong in the previous one :slight_smile: