Academic teaching and resources for OpenMRS

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This thread is intended for educators using OpenMRS in their academic settings in various universities globally to share best practices, teaching materials, ideas, research, course syllabi, or anything else really!

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Excited to collaborate, build curriculum and best practices, and share alike! First, let me also point out a post on TALK regarding educational materials: Call for Volunteers - Education Project

We have some materials, but are still in the process of collecting and evaluating.

Here are the educational materials we used for our workshop at JHU (copied from this Talk Thread)

We recorded the intro session. The recording can be accessed here:

I haven’t had a chance to edit it yet - how useful would you say it would be if we were to edit it?

I used a modified version of a ppt that was made at the OpenMRS summit - I believe I found it on SlideShare - I certainly can’t take credit for it. I’ve uploaded it here.

Installation instructions to set up the standalone of OpenMRS 2.0 were sent out in advance to the participants. In order to get the most out of the workshop, participants were expected to come in with their system set up.

We made a “for dummies” version of the install instructions (some steps on the Wiki post assume a certain level of CS competence and not all attendees at our workshop had a programming background):

Here’s an outline of the workshop syllabus:

OpenMRS is a widely used opensource medical record system, this two-day workshop is intended to be a hands-on experience to get introduced to OpenMRS, set up an instance of OpenMRS and customize it. Any one is welcome, some basic background in programming would be useful however it is not required.

Day 1, Oct 20th, 3 - 5 pm:

  • Intro to OpenMRS, its tech stack and its data model
  • System installation (if anyone had any problems)
  • Creation of user/provider types (eg: doctor, nurse, community health worker), managing privileges
  • Concepts: What are they and how to make concepts
  • Creating a form using the HTML forms module
  • Do it yourself: Create your own form

Day 2, Oct 27th, 3 - 5 pm:

  • What is a module in OpenMRS? Installing modules - how to
  • Getting started with creating your own module [“hello world”]
  • Further resources and how to get plugged into the OpenMRS community - Talk, Wiki, IRC.
  • Do it yourself: Creating a module which includes Dashboard extension, a fragment and a page

In addition we also got all workshop participants to create an OpenMRS ID and communicate via Talk so that they could become more familiar with using community resources and engage with OpenMRS after the workshop too. I think it really added to the value of the workshop as evidenced by the interaction between the workshop participants and other members of the OpenMRS community. See the Talk thread created for the workshop.

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Still not familiar with this tool, but I am adding at least my name to the thread so we can all stay together in this effort.


@ngoel2, would you be able to update with the dummies guide you guys created. :slight_smile:

Will do… I’ve been meaning to for the longest time, thanks for the nudge :slight_smile:

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