About the University category

OpenMRS University is a regular opportunity for people to ask questions and get answers from others in our community. Whether you’re a contributor or a customer, we want to hear your questions and we want to help you get answers.

We have both synchronous (real-time) meetings and asynchronous (not real-time) conversations here on OpenMRS Talk. Topics for meetings will also be posted here, and the “experts” will respond to your questions asynchronously.

@michael, what’s the relationship between “OpenMRS University” here in talk, our existing OpenMRS University, and Ask OpenMRS? If someone has a technical question about OpenMRS, when would they ask here instead of Ask OpenMRS? If they have more questions than they can get answered on Ask OpenMRS, when would they use this forum vs. asking their questions in person in an OpenMRS University?

During the OpenMRS Developers Forum on 8 May 2014, there was a discussion about the efficacy of the OpenMRS University events. It was suggested to try a new approach for the University gatherings where the presenter would provide an overview here on Talk and do a Reddit AMA style discussion related to their presented topic. So, we created this category at that time.

This approach was supposed to begin with a presentation by Jeremy Keiper, but for various reasons that has yet to occur.

The category remains available for use as described above, or could evolve into something else.