About OpenMRS Local Communities

As the OpenMRS community grows, it is important to offer opportunities for contributors & customers to connect with people in their part of the world. We also need a more coordinated effort to build local representation and expertise. One approach for achieving these goals is to develop local communities.

Would like to build a collaborative Nigerian Community like you have in Kenya, etc.

For Local Communities vs Health, it will be of great importance if every community is reached concerning health issies

Hi @nsangiefrance - did you ever get any response to having a community forum set up for Nigeria? An example of that is here: https://talk.openmrs.org/c/local/kenya

Let me know if you think you need that. I know that there is a google group where folks from Nigeria discuss HIS, but if it’s helpful to have that here, we are happy to accommodate that.

Hi Janflowers, - yes i need it. thanks

Are you working with @ggomez in the google group?

Hello janflowers, i am a new member to the community, whereby i need to learn more about Openmrs