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I am trying to pass div1 quiz, I am sure that I’ve passed 5-10 questions but I haven’t received any update yet. The link that refers to users page in Talk is only working as:


but in the quiz: https://talk.openmrs.org/users/ which is outdated, I guess.

Maybe, this is the problem?

Hello @salahoamro ! It takes a few days to get an update from the team. You are qualified after the team accepts your quiz.

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Thank you! I thought grading and replies are automated.

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cc @cintiadr

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Thank you, I got the badge! :tada:


Hello, I have the same issue, it’s been more than 10 days since I submitted the quiz and I still haven’t received the badge yet. cc @cintiadr @herbert24

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Hi @heshan,

I was following our quizgrader.

I can see your answer in SurveyMonkey, but it did not trigger zapier. I tried to edit your surveymonkey survey, but nothing happens.

Can you please redo the survey? I don’t have much control over those systems.

@cintiadr Thank you for looking into it.

Sure, I’ll redo the quiz.

Thanks @cintiadr @herbert24,

I received the badge!!

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