About a GCI 19 task

Hi! I’m worried about one of my task which is a blog. That is, what if the sentences are alike but not fully same? Will that be any problem? Also I have used some code snippets. Though I’ve given every reference but still I’m worried about that blog.

It will be helpful if any mentor confirm me about this.

Thank you.

Hi I guess @snigdho If you have taken them from the web then mention resources at last and on the task description too. All the best to you for GCI :wink:

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A mentor once advised me to never have any consecutive three words be the same as your information source in tasks like these. So, keep that in mind! And of course, cite all your sources. Good luck.

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Yes, I’ve mentioned every reference. Even from the one I learned a little bit.

If there is a case which is violating the contest rules, then the mentor will notify that to you. Usually we encourage to read some thing and write about that in your words rather than copying the same content. But there can be exceptions like quotes or some else :smile: …! It’s up to you :wink:


Okay. Thank you very much.