Ability to add new tags for Bedmanagement

Hi everyone,

Our clients have the requirement of tagging beds in a hospital, so that they can use the tag information associated with a bed before assigning a bed to the patient. Examples of tags used in the hospital are ‘Lost’, ‘Isolation’, ‘Strict Isolation’ etc.

We implemented the below code

Can this feature be merged into openmrs/openmrs-bedmanagement-module? If yes, please let us know and will raise a pull request. Thanks


We greatly welcome contributions! :smile: So go ahead and create a new ticket under the Bed Management JIRA project, then add a pull request for us to review. https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Pull+Request+Tips

I have moved this post into the #software:bahmni category, since this module is primarily used in the Bahmni distro.

@shireeshabongarala can you please:

  1. send a pull request for this (see the link Daniel shared).
  2. ask someone on the Bahmni product team to sign off on this PR
  • for example @pushpa446 (who made the last commit/contribution) or @sdeepak can find someone else
  • It doesn’t need to be a detailed review, but someone from the Bahmni team will know more about the existing code and use case than Daniel will

Thank you @dkayiwa and @darius. Will get the PR reviewed by the Bahmni Team.

@shireeshabongarala, The changes were reviewed and are good to be merged.