Abandoned Issue Policy

Hi Community!

Sometimes contributors pick up a Jira ticket with good intentions, and then may not be able to continue working on that ticket. Life gets busy - we understand! :slight_smile:

  • A few folks have asked me to draft a simple “Abandoned Issue Policy” so it’s clear how we handle the common situation of a ticket that has been picked up by a member who falls completely silent.
  • It would also be nice for this to be clear to be fair to volunteers who pick things up with the best of hopes to work on something - and then who maybe feel embarassed to unassign themselves.

I think we can keep this simple though :slight_smile: Here’s a first draft - please let me know here if you have any feedback :slight_smile:


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Some times the issues are picked up but the project remains redundant without no clear direction from the Lead.

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Very very true @tendomart. This is part of what led to us having the Quarterly Graveyarding protocol. So, issues that are redundant shouldn’t be sticking around for years like they used to. (In the O3 project I also apply a 3-6 month-since-last-updated filter occasionally to check for things like this.) I’m hoping that as we have more and more engaged “Squad Leaders” we’ll see better defined issues, and indeed, that seems to be happening with some of the O3 Squads like the Queues and Dispensing squads.