A Slack-IRC bot for manageable project discussion

While IRC is decent overall, It doesn’t really compare to modern messaging clients such as Slack

  • A lot of your conversations are drowned and lost inbetween messages from other users discussing other issues
  • It’s hard to keep track of what you’ve discussed and have log of messages received.
  • Proxy issues with IRC resulting in instant ban from IRC servers (@avijitghosh82! :stuck_out_tongue: )

We have Telegram but I doubt it addresses all the issues above. I faced a few communication issues in GSoC too which led me to building something that solves all of the problems above.

How about a bot that

  1. Relays messages back and forth from IRC and Slack allowing you to see IRC messages on Slack and vice versa
  2. You can @ users on the other platform by simply pinging them with their usernames there like you normally do.
  3. Receive only those messages from IRC to Slack where you/your team members are mentioned with all your messages being transmitted over at IRC and being reachable by anyone at anytime on IRC by simply pinging you by your slack username.
  4. You can also switch to full fledged IRC messages being transmitted over to your Slack channel and get a list of users on either platform by simply pinging the bot.

This way:

  • All your communication is 100% public. The bot doesn’t allows you to stop relaying messages from Slack to IRC in anyway.
  • You have a log of what you’ve discussed in your slack channel which is between you and your projectmembers
  • A legit mobile client from Slack

And everyone’s happy :slight_smile:

Finally, here’s the tool I built: GitHub - metagabbar/irackbot: Bridge between Slack and IRC channels allowing message filtering and logging while keeping communication public (checkout the README it’s pretty detailed)

Chat example

A few features shown

I’d like to know if it’s alright to run a Bot on the OpenMRS IRC and Slack channels. I’d volunteer to manage the Slack channel since no one currently is and maybe even update the wiki.

Also, I’d like some feedback on what you guys think about the idea. Such things usually crop up from personal struggles and as developers we try to resolve that :smiley:

PS: Please do Star the repository on GitHubi if you liked this. I’m going to ask Slack to list it up on their community tools section here https://api.slack.com/community and the stars would definitely help! Other communities could also consider using something like this.


@bholagabbar i like your ways of facing a problem and looking into solving it in a way that can be shared with others! :smile:


Telegram works. rocket chat is better. MatterMost is another alternative. Both can be self-hosted and are free and open source.

I’m super stoked to inform the community that the guys over at Slack loved the bot and it’s going to be listed on the official slack community page :slight_smile:


@bholagabbar Great work man! :slight_smile:

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I think slack its great but, mattermost might be a better option since its free and open source.

or rocket chat for the matter. Proprietary for the lose. Free/Open Source > *. I met one of the mattermost founders at the Community Leadership Summit in Austin.