A quick question about Spring.

I try to improve my knowledge of Spring by creating a personal project for 0. I faced problems when i create beans and try to autowire them. I can’t inject object by any ways . Here are the codes:https://pastebin.com/MPpEty7X and here i create the bean:https://pastebin.com/Q9MERpCr If anybody can help me understand how i should create and get beans or how i pass the sessionFactory from dao to dao in a fashion way it will be much appreciated .

Why don’t you try off a Spring Boot generated example app and play around?

See for instance ‘Build a Basic CRUD App with Angular 5.0 and Spring Boot 2.0’.

Thanks for link. I still get the nullpointerexception. If i use getBean from application context it is working. The bean is there . But the @Autowired doesn’t do the job . I tried qualifier or other stuff but no result. I don’t know what could be.