A quick question about configuring pop up messages when certain fields are not filled out in the EMR.

Hello @bahmni team,

We’ve had scenarios where certain fields are entered in the EMR and then the corresponding fields are not entered. For example, for endTB we have an Adverse Event(AE) form. In the EMR, when the AE outcome date is entered, the AE outcome can sometimes be filled or not filled. In scenarios like this where the AE outcome date is entered but the AE outcome is not, is it possible to configure pop-up messages that alert a data entry person that they are saving a form but there are other corresponding fields that they should have entered?

We’ve thought about making the AE outcome date a required field but this is not ideal because this form is entered with data for other fields. The data for other fields can be entered before there is an outcome for the AE.

Another workflow that we’ve thought about but we are not sure if it is possible to implement is making a field required but with the possibility of overriding this. For example when the AE outcome date is filled, then it is a requirement to fill out the AE outcome and all the other corresponding fields (Note that the AE outcome date should not be a required field). Has this workflow ever been implemented somewhere? If yes where and how was it implemented?

Thanks, James

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